Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Resolutions -- Read a Book

- READ a book! How many of YOU are taking a few moments of time to read...... it doesn't matter what you read.... the newspaper, journals, magazines, .... or even books!

Last night was our kickoff for the Winter Reading Program at the Lucy Robbins Welles Library! The Friends of the Library are supporting the programs for the adults, kids, and teens. More than 150 adults came by yesterday to 'sign up' , receive a goodie bag and a free paperback book! Let alone some refreshments. This Saturday is the kids and teens kickoff program. Come and join us. If you aren't in the area - hook up with your own public library!

Winter Reading is not a book discussion group or a One Book One Town program - it is a program to promote reading. You read books, let the staff know, and get a raffle ticket for each book and the chance to win the weekly raffle prize and the grand prize (the fine print is available at the Library). This is just plain fun.

Right now I'm reading Seth Godin's books. What an inspiration this guy is - great writer, easy read with a big message.

What have you read lately? Chime in!

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