Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Savannah

Happy Birthday Savannah,

So it's the Big Number 9! The last of the single digit years. Next year we'll get to welcome you into the double digit club.

Today is your birthday - a special day to celebrate YOU! While you share the day with your sister, it's still the most important day. I think I can say, for anyone that has met you, you are quite the quintential young lady - especially in pink.
I enjoyed your stay with me this past summer. Picking out the plants for the herb garden and planting the red flowers and surprising Ms. Julie. Of course there is "your plant" in my garden that reminds me every day you were here to visit. The two of us going for ice cream and "being Turnpike chicks at Mort's" was cool. Of course the trip to the Library to find new stories to read. Hope you'll come to stay again !
For you, today - I wish you lots of pink, great studies at school, pink pigs, even the piggy slippers for Christmas. There is a big world out there just waiting for a smart girl like you. Lots to do and see!
Happy Birthday
Love, Aunt Patty


Anonymous said...

thank you so much Aunt Patty

Michael said...

thank you so much Aunt Patty