Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Look

Most of us like something new. So for you loyal fans - some 20 or more of you, here's a fresh look - almost like being at the shore.

Variety is the spice of life - having the opportunity to try it is good as it stretches yourself to be the best, watch around yourself and keep on inventing. Don't you find it great to be around someone who has done, gone, or just has kept up with current events. It's those that have not much to say, or can only live in the past, that begins my yawn machine. Today is more important and even tomorrow - the possibilities are endless!

So shake up your day - drive to work a different way, try a different flavor of soft drink, smile at a stranger, pet a dog, cuddle a kitty......... I dare you ...... shake it up.

ps can you feel the cool breeze, smell the salt water? Go ahead and close your eyes, take a moment to visit a special place of your own


Shellbell said...

I LOVE it Aunt Patty! Very fresh and new!


PattyCPA said...

Thank you Shelby!! Glad you are here for the ride :)