Saturday, January 10, 2009

In a Winter Wonderland

Hi all,

This is my view out the back of my place, serene and peaceful. Of course the trees are bare except for the evergreens - though the structure of the branches is so amazing. Watching the snow fall softly is such an enjoyable moment for me.

This was taken after the first snow storm in December. Though we only received a few inches the night before, it was the first night my car was able to sleep in the garage!

On the right hand side, you may see the satellite condo for my family of squirrels. There is four of them and they vist frequently to the lower level feeding pan

Their feathered friends are many and visit on the middle level. Everyone has their place to dine at my place.

This winter has been great - tomorrow we are expecting another storm - I think it will be the 4th or so that has had an appreciable accumulation of snow. Here's hoping for 4-8" by Sunday a.m.

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