Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anniversay Coming Up

A year ago I was awaiting the closing on my former home and finally being able to move my personal belongings to my new home. In the midst of it all, packing my office for a children sitting stay in St. Louis, an election, and assorted other items in my life.

So a year has passed, the St. Louis trip was great to stay with my nieces and nephew. The move meant I would have furniture in my home. The election - we all know what happened.

When I moved, I promised myself that within a year, I'd be unpacked and better functioning than at my former home. Now, with only a few days to the 1st, I'm a bit frantic with cleaning up the last of the bits and pieces I haven't done yet. A couple of weeks ago, I unpacked the last box when the sideboard arrived for the dining area. That was a great relief. There are now a few items in the garage that need to be cleaned up. Do garages ever stay clean? I hope so as I'd like to get my car back into it. The last couple of client files of older papers need to be scanned, some straightening out of a couple of closets, especially the basement storage. I need to get the studio in better order - it's been a work in progress between guest visits and lace demonstrating events and life in general. It doesn't look much different from a year ago.

Wish me luck - I know I'll make it by the 1st!


Anonymous said...

If I remember still had unpacked boxes at the old place from when you moved in during the early 80's

so I wish you well........

BTW if wthin a year yuo cannot get into your garage.....forgetaboutit.....unless you throw out....Heavan forbid louise...or sell one wants my old stuff....the garage is a pace where few wander.

Patty said...

Hey A!

I'm Laughing - nope - I had no boxes unpacked at the old place!

I'll take the garage challenge - hope to pull in in a day or so!