Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Drama Queen - Oh Excuse Me

Give me a break - these folks seem to be all around. They tire the daylights right out of me. So who are they. There is no limit to posts around the big WWW out there.

At Zen Habits - Simple Productivity - Leo's post today is just about that. It is a great post, full of inspiration, and the folks that wrote in, chimed in with their great thoughts. Hence this note from me. I hope you may try the click and read how to reduce and eliminate the 'drama' in your life.

One definition, thanks to WiseGeeks "Conflicts and disappointments are natural of the human experience, but for a certain personality type known as a "drama queen," life's little setbacks can trigger explosive emotional outbursts and other irrational behaviors. The term "drama queen," or less frequently, "drama king" is usually applied to someone with a demanding or overbearing personality who tends to overreact to seemingly minor incidents. A drama queen often views the world in absolutes, and only has two settings on her emotional control button; zero and ten. Psychologists might describe a drama queen or king as a neurotic personality with histrionic tendencies, meaning they tend to become needlessly dramatic whenever order is disrupted".

I'm no psychologist, and I do not pretend to have the answers. One thing I do know - you have a choice, each day, sometimes only moment by moment. I was told by one of my nieces that "oh Aunt Patty -there is drama now in life – you wouldn’t know about it”. Really, I don't think so! Today "this drama crap" gets blasted all over the place - in social networking web sites, in the paper, videos on Utube, etc. Who's texting who about whom? It reminds me of dirty laundry - please don't hang it in my back yard!

When I was growing up - I was often refered to as Sara Bernhardt - she was a very famous French actress in the second half of the 1800s and this may have been a compliment (I'm hoping so now). I may have acted a bit, looking for the lime light. Though not at the expense of someone else. I did perfom in the class plays, in drama club, and the school band. I guess a bit of a performing bug is in me. Mark Twain said about Sarah Bernhardt: There are five kinds of actresses: bad actresses, fair actresses, good actresses, great actresses -- and then there is Sarah Bernhardt.

So what to do - each day - each moment - just be in it. Stop, breath, and laugh. Then smile at everyone you see, you'll feel much better, and eveyone else will wonder what you are up to! Maybe you can convince them to join you in a peaceful pursuit of life.

PS Thanks Leo.

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