Friday, October 2, 2009

Interesting Reads......

I would not consider myself a big reader until I needed to move a year ago. Geez, I had quite a collection of books. I'd have an even bigger collection if we didn't have libraries to borrow books from.

I have so many favorite people to deal with at the Lucy Robbins Welles Library, one of my favorites is Josh. While the libarary system will send an email telling me when a requested book arrives, Josh is often the staff member that gives me a call to let me know it is in. The Personal Touch. Today was just one of those days and beside the news of the book, a few little pleasantries with this young guy gives you such a smile. Thanks, Josh.

So today I thought I'd begin a book club - a chance to share some Interesting Reads right here with my friends. Don't worry I won't get out the accounting and tax manuals, though I will promise you it will be from the non-fiction arena, fun, though provoking, and hopefully leave you with a smile.

So to begin this - Mike Wallace's book - 50 years from today. It was published in 2008 and are interviews of 60 of the World's Greatest Minds. I hope over the next few weeks to give you a sampling of some of the thoughts and insights.

Introduction - It is rather short, even for Mike Wallace. Though he has us sit back and think of what life will be like around the year 2058. (My 17 year old niece will be 67, I could be 103 years old! ). He sets the stage to hear from some learned folks about "medical and technological miracles", about exploration to space and right here on our own planet, education, and the environment to name a few.

So keep tuned for my review of this book. I've read a bit of it all ready and am quite excited about the discussions and thoughts of the future.

"The future will be shaped by what we do in the present. We just have to decide what kind of future we want - and create it." How true is this statement - every day we can make a choice.

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