Wednesday, October 21, 2009

An Important Date just passed

While I was away from by keyboard this past week, an important date passed. When I got back of course there is lots to do, the cat, the mail, the email, and catching up on blogs. Now if you need cables, yes you, cables for the tv, the computer or other electronic equipment call my little bro the cable guy to get your cables at the best prices on the net. opps - I got off track!

In his blog he gave such a nice mention to ShelBell, his daughter, my niece So not to forget you,


Last year I wrote birthday wishes for each of my nieces and nephews. It was fun to take some time and wish them the best. 2008 wishes for Shelby can be found here. Now I did remember to call my niece twice and send her a singing card as I knew I'd be away.

Now this year she is 14 years old. I'm in the process of making her 'big girl blanket' . Updates can be found on my Creative Sources blog. Shelby is a remarkable young lady. She and her school mates have gone before the MO legislature to let them know that MO needs to have a smoking ban in buildings. These kids made the news, and the MO legislature, while not voting it in now, the MO legislature is now listening to these kids! She loves to partake in soccer, music and let me not forget that she is her school play!

So Miss Shelby - go out there, remember to enjoy each day even when the homework piles up, you will be successful in what you choose to do, so while it is a couple of days late..... play the card I sent you and Happy Birthday wishes from the blog!

PS Shelby - Camp Aunt Patty is awaiting for you!

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