Monday, October 26, 2009

Trio of Movies

After a gueling time with work, I often like to take out a few movies from the library. It helps me relax, divert my attention away from those busy days.

I'm not a big buff of movies. Ocassionally you'll find me at the cine to see a newly released film as you need to be seen on the 'big screen'. This past summer with my nephew, Spencer, we saw the Dinosaurs - a 3-D film. That was fun as you could feel the animals almost drooling in your lap. He and I would jump every so often as they leap off the screen over our heads.

I don't head out to pick up specific movies - I go with the flow. It is interesting that on several ocassions at the library, I have brought back only foreign films. I'm not sure I know about that - maybe it was that the title was intriguing. One time it was four films that began with the letter M - what a surprise to me and I was thrilled with all of them.

This trip brought home Les Miserables, A Room with a View, and Pretty Woman. Similar story lines, on an interesting time line one from each of the last three centuries.
All three stories end with the riding off into the sunset type endings. There is the troubled young man, head strong woman, and plenty of sub plots to keep your interest.

Pretty Woman - great picture, especially with Julia and Richard. There's a couple
steaming parts, though most of the plot is his transition to realize what he wants. Besides that, great lines, great music.

Les Miserables - an amazing story - about a truthful man who struggles to make a better place in life after a
bishop gave his a chance after his release from prison. He yearns to live the honest way in life, keeping his word, and taking responsibility for his past actions that seem to thwart his life throughout the movie. It's great and I love the scenes from Paris.

A Room with a View - one of those with big scenes, back in the 'gentle' man and woman days. Set in England and bits in Italy. This young woman is traveling and growing. She's expected to marry well, though she learns about herself, her wants and what would make her happy. There is a bit of a fire in her that she struggles to keep under wraps. Costumes are amazing - lots of lace!

For you movie buffs out there, here's an interesting trio you may enjoy.

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