Thursday, October 1, 2009

Great Service

Pronto Printer of Newington - I must take my hat off to this company. They are a local print shop, you can check
out their services with a simple click. I firmly know that your success depends on those individuals/companies that are in your circle. If you need something printed - you need to hire them!

When I began working on membership for the Friends of the Lucy Robbins Welles Library I needed to set up supplies - I needed a printer just for our organization. One that thought we were a good customer. I needed #10 windows, #10 regular, #9 return envelopes. Then the membership broshure and getting the logo just right. I've needed paper cut down, I needed a copy made on very large paper. Every time I asked, they were able to supply an answer. Even if they didn't print it, they would make the arrangements.

When we began, it was easy for my office to mail merge the data and send it to print. That was okay when it was 600 members. Now we have expanded our membership the mailing is over 1100 today. The files become much larger with print and graphics and to print 1100 letters(2 pages both sides) in my office would run at least 4 hours and hopefully without any jams etc. These guys have this gigantic laser printer and they were able to print the job in 40 minutes! They have lots of other great machines that make a mailing no work at all. We worked out a price and they even added a service to fold, stuff and seal the envelopes. Oh my goodness - they completed the entire job in 26 hours.

If you need a printer - these are the guys!

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