Sunday, October 11, 2009

Central's Big Makeover --

Central's Big Makeover --

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This past summer my brother, the cable guy, was here with his family. His girls were staying over at my place but only after we took a tour back to our college days.

My BS in accounting was award from this school. In my last year or so, my brother joined me. It was about the only time he and I were in the same school at the same time. He lived on campus and I lived in a student apartment building off campus. My brother and his wife met there at CCSC. Yes it was still a college then. Just about the time I graduated, the administration was putting on the push to have it graduate to university status and they succeeded.

I'd had been back to the school several times since my graduation in 1980! Games, seminars, alumni events and just curious as this spot of land was to me, like so many others, we spent great times, got a great education and grew up. While all of that is still there, it's not that campus any longer. There are new buildings, some buildings are missing, certain student haunts are just memories. The road in the center of campus is missing, and parking is still an issue!! Some things never change. Now, the campus is amazing, it's park like, great places to hang out-of-doors.

To past presidents of the college to have this vision and have it executed - good job! There will always be a special spot in my heart for CCSC now CCSU. To all the young folks out there, I hope that you find a college that will give you the life tools, inspire you to dream, and make being in college a special time in your life.


Denise Foley said...

...and 'the hill' was gone!

Patty said...

yes it was - but it was our school :) I hope that everyone graduating from there can be as successful as we have been.

Old Cable Guy said...

all hale to "Yale of New Britian"....or should I say New Briiiiiiitan!

CCSU 1985

Patty said...

Go Blue Devils!!