Friday, September 19, 2008

The Campaign Begins

Last week was a meeting of the membership committee - I'm chair once again. In many ways the membership of the Friends is like my baby. When I first got involved - we had about 600 members. This past year - we ended the year, (for the second time) with just over 1,000 members. These members are amazing - we raised almost $26,000 in membership $$'s- again another record for the Friends.

So last week - we folded,stuff and mailed out some 959 member statements for members to renew. The return mail has started! The official first day of mail, we had 20 returns for a total of $711! great first day at an average of $35.55, I'm hoping for more days like that.

Now this is one activity in that the buck stops here. Any one with a complaint, compliment, comment goes to me. I personally get to talk with the member. I actually love it and have learned amazing ways of the Library / Friends past. Thank you notes are also wonderful few moments I get to spend with a member to tell them how much we appreciate their membership contribution. ........ yes ..... each one is hand written and hand addressed.

So the campaign is on --------- I would like to top the membership at 1100 and get our contribution level up 10% to about $29,000. This year I have some help, so we will see how it goes! LOL I get so fired up about being a Friend and getting more folks on board with being a member. .... remember we are going to build an addition to the Library soon and need lots of members.

If you would like to join the Friends - get out membership form and send it in.

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