Saturday, September 6, 2008

Is it over yet? Did the fat lady sing?

The DNC & RNC are now over. Everyone has their own slants on the buzz that has come out of each convention. I saw on the Yahoo news line that Ms. Sarah may be more popular than McCain and Obama - This is why America is so great. New and fresh is good and I guess she has turned more heads than anyone has expected. Of course the news outlets are having a field day and the comparisons are everywhere.

So this is what I think should happen - the DNC gets one full page in a newspaper and the RNC gets a full page in the same newspaper on the opposing page and get they their platforms stated. They have until 9/15 to get it done and published. The public gets about 2 weeks for questions, and then one debate and we vote by mid October. Save the bucks that is going to go into smear commercials for the next two months. In two months less one day (for those counting) we will have an answer.

I feel like we all should plug up our ears and sing - will it get this to a vote so we can all get to work?

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