Friday, September 26, 2008

the Old Unit

... not much on the real estate front. It's been quieter than a church mouse. This weekend is going to be an open house to hopefully russle up some foot traffic. Now mom sent me a statute of St. Joseph - I'm going to bury him in the back of the unit before the open house. Legend says he helps you sell or at least find you a buyer.

With the 'noise' going on with failing banks, brokerage, congress, economy, etc. geez louise, it is the best time to buy. (by the way is there an election coming up?) If you haven't taken care of your finances, shame, if you have sorta taken care of them, then look at buying at this time. You'll make out better paying a mortgage than a rent. I know all the reasons for both... but get this....

New home buyer may qualify for a new tax credit from the Uncle Sam that is like getting $7,500 interest free loan for the next 15yrs!

To find out if you qualify, then call me! and saying a prayer to St. Joseph wouldn't hurt either!

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