Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lipstick is Great!

So last night I ran out - did my library run - got chinese and settled in to see the RNCs line up of speakers.

I was able to cheer a few more times during this episode of politics than in the DNCs mini series. I'm a smaller government person. If you see the mounds of paper I have to read each year of new taxes, new credits (that most don't get), changes to old taxes (generally increasing), new deductions, limiting deductions - okay you must get the picture by now.

Huckster (see my brother's blog ) , Rudy, and then the star of the show, Ms. Sarah. I was so pleasantly surprised, enjoyed the speech, her delivery was just like a "regular person" not too rehearsed sounding. The Party and viewing public was able to get a glimpse into the "real" Sarah and her family. Lord knows that if there is a slow news day, it will be time to look for dirt on any of her family members.

On an interview this a.m., Michael Reagan spoke about being the 'adopted' and not real son of the Reagans and how it affected him and his children. Can some one get a grip - will CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and every news outlet - can we focus on getting work done in Washington - getting work done in our states - getting our country back in order and working smartly into our future. The National Inquirer has four reporters in Alaska - hmmm sounds like too slow up there, or polar bears are not being abducted by aliens - so now that Gov. Sarah's on the VP trail, the Inquirer is sending four more reporters up there to dig in some snow drifts to see what they can find.

If you know anything about me - I dislike waste, I dislike filling up space and time with "noise" just because. Geez, lets get talking about what is real and the truth, lets get back to your business and make a buck or two. Maybe, just maybe, Ms. Sarah will bring out more, shirt sleeve types to work in public service for the people of our country. The next two and a half months should be interesting! Stay tuned.....

ps if you need a cable - call on for all your solutions!

pss - lipstick - did they say what color?

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