Monday, September 15, 2008

You Must Dance!

Hi All - this one is a cute moment. Thanks to Debbie via Jules for the file. see below

So when have you danced lately? A rumba, waltz, a little cheek to cheek, or some wild rock & roll. In my humble opinion, dancing is great exercise and a great way to express ones self. I was brought up with dancing all about me. Up until a few years ago, my parents traveled all over the eastern seaboard to go country dancing. That's a picture of them at Natick in Massachusetts. They met so many great people though this activity and looked forward to seeing them at the various haunts - Round Hill, New Haven, West Hartford, just to name a few in CT.

Dancing goes back to when we must have decided that walking wasn't enough. Now you can watch the dance competitions on tv and cheer on your favorite.

So turn up your volumn and watch this little clip :)

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