Saturday, September 6, 2008

Loving the Crown

It's been about 2-1/2 months - what do I like about my new place so far.

Laundry on the sleeping level. It's kinda cool, while I wind down, the clothes are getting cleaned and just about before the days over, it's done.

The garage - cool place. I know it is for the car, but I'm still doing construction and staging stuff and need the peg board installed so I can re-arrange the tools to be in a neat & orderly manner. I love the keyless door system and the light sensor. It's cool.

Space - it is nice not to be on-top of everything. It's nice that the office is a bit farther from the balance of my living space. 2nd bedroom, while I haven't done much since my niece came to stay, I can actually plan to have friends visit and they can stay overnight. It is easy to clean - just about everything has a place to be in.

Since I still have lots of my furniture at the old place (remember the staging part), I miss my couch to go to hang out on. Tonight I dined chinese at Jules's home - it was great after dinner we retired to her living area and we got to lie back on the couches. We were sharing stories and just laughing - pretzels. That's for another blog entry.

I'm still not sure why it all happened now. There were two showings this past week at the Woodsedge unit - though I have not heard any update yet. I am thinking this unit is truly a transisitional place. That is good to. Gotta run - need a little beauty sleep.

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