Sunday, September 28, 2008

Campaign - Day 10

Wow - it's happening and it makes me feel great. Received the mail and we are now at over $8300! I'm not at my desk so I don't have the exact numbers. This Tuesday should be a big mail day and the last of September. I hope we break the $10K mark; just shy of the half-way mark.

This week I have made one possible headway in that the information about the number of renewing members will be appearing on the Events roll on the front page of the website of the Library. I do hope that it happens. Making the buzz is important so that we make our goals.

Now you may ask, the goal. Goal is budget for now. While it may seem like it is based on past experience, I actually do a calculation to based on past "new members added", retention, and rejoin members. Then round down. The membership revenue and booksale revenue drive the spending of the organization, so we err on the conservative side. When there is more revenue than expenses, then we perform another calculation for the special gifts.

This year with some help, like creating the buzz, we may be able to reach my goal nearing the $28K mark. Last year was just under $26K.

Upcoming month, send out 2nd reminders to members; National Friends Week; and Staff contest. Begin a mailing to prospetive members. All is in the works, so not much to do! Just in time so I can go to St. Louis without fretting too much about the Friends.

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