Friday, September 26, 2008

the New Place

It's happening.... another couple of construction projects completed! I needed some height for the 'craft' and 'scrapbook / photo album' stuff. I had a small bookcase that kinda worked at the old place yet wasn't sufficient in the new place. So to Lowe's again to get the matching picecs to the lower book case. Wow - they still had them, drawers and doors and the height thing, bought it. Now it's 84" high - putting it into the car was so funny. The carriage kept getting away from me. Getting it out of the car was even more funny! I struggled to get it into the garage and I took it apart in there and took the pieces to the it's designated spot. If there is a will there is a way - just think about it! several screw, shanks, dowels , and the book case is built and in place and is now serving it's purpose. (thanks Jules for holding the level!)

In checking the lighting, the lamps were out. So change the bulbs, only to have the screw part stay in the lamp and the bulb in your hand? Ouch, it won't come out! Paulette and I were up there trying to yank the dang thing out - no go. So the electrician's came again - and found out the the fixture was shot, so off to the store for another fixture for them to switch it out, put in another switch for convenience in the storage room, finally have the front door light working, and somehow the remote door bell still isn't working. One check of another lamp he found that the balast was leaking and about to possibly cause a fire - it was fixed also! So back to the door bell!

I want to say that the lower level is complete - maybe really close. A few more items to do in the filing / scanning / shredding area and move stuff around in storage - it does look good. stop back for some new pics soon!

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