Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One week today

It's getting exciting and stressful - all in one as the day draws near to be in St. Louis. I'm clearing the decks, of course, getting more fit in so those I leave here to work can continue to work and get it done while I'm away!

My sis-in-law - bless her! - gave me the general run down for the kids. Transportation leave/arrive times for school, special events soccer and a concert and half days, camera - still and movie, House/Family rules to follow, and some general stuff like groceries etc. My brother says I should be able to hook up my laptop to their network, that will be a relief once I know I can log back to the office. He's going to get me addresses for some of the common stuff out there, like the post office, grocery, banks, library, etc places, okay a couple of other stores could be good.

The real estate closing on Woodsedge is on for Monday, movers arrive Sat a.m., garage shelving to go up Sat p.m. (the car may get in the garage yet), close up the old condo!, ship boxes to St. Louis with stuff (looks like that will be Monday?); have schedule arranged for my assistant; fixing the schedule for my neighbor for mail deliveries and UPS and FedX, etc, 0h yeah the Election and sign up folks for library cards at the polls.

okay ------- sounds like a plan?? BTW - I found two pairs of shoes, phew! I could use a "big late nighter" !

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