Sunday, October 12, 2008

23 days to St Louis

Yes it is.... so far I'm still going to St Louis to babysit my brother's kids. While the flight isn't direct - through Raleigh 1st for a several hour layover, it's at 11:30 am and not at 7am!

It's funny as my brother thinks it will be a vacation for me. I find it funny to 'hear' how other people perceive my activities. More on this in a later blog. While it will be a change of venue, it won't be a 'real' vacation. The original trip was slated for September - during the nice weather, sun still up, etc and a friend of mine was going to be available so that she and I could take a couple of days together. Now, it's a shorter trip, Leslie has a job(yahoo for her) and isn't as available - we will have to see if I can slip in a day to spend with her!

So far I've heard that during the week, Thurs to Thurs - the kids will be having a couple of half days! LOL for my work day. Don't get me wrong, this is an amazing treat to be able to have some group and one-on-one time with my nieces and nephew. Over the last several years, I'm lucky to be able to share up to 20 hours with them in a year. I'm sure my sister-in-law will have every minute scheduled during my stay with all their activities. It will be a whirlwind of a time!

In order to get "order" to this upcoming week, I'll need to make sure I can have an internet connection for my laptop; see if the library out there has some books that I can have 'pre-borrowed' for me. At least I can order my downloadable audio books. I looked at the St Louis Library site, very lean on the dounloadable audio books. Then there is the St Louis County Library system - a few more books, still lean compared to the number of titles we offer. Need to ask my sister-in-law if they have a card I can "use" while they are away. I need to find a yoga class / studio! That would be helpful as I would be missing two of my classes here - not a good thing.

I've alot of computer work to accomplish; wish to work on some lace or crochet projects; then there is Friends Membership stuff to coordinate; last minute Tellabration items to do; Christmas cards need to be worked on; preparing my master list of work; then all the forms and papers that need to be assembled (either paper or electronic form). I'm just laughing as I have a pile of work that needs to get out of here before I leave and make sure I have Paulette all set for the days I'll be out there. She and I can work remotely so lots of the year end projects can go on without a hitch.

It will be interesting to say the least! Onward - go West!!


Old Cable Guy said...

Oh will be sitting in my hottub most of the day having my little slaves bring you vodka tonics!!!

Kids are looking forward to seeing you.

PattyCPA said...

get it right---- a cosmo

Old Cable Guy said...

right around the corner....buckle up!!!!