Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate again......

Ok - what do you think?

Tax credit / tax increase / tax decrease = I'm getting a headache - Tax Policy - they are debating who can sell a "tax cut" better than the other.

The Govt get's less $$'s because of the tax cut - so who's going to pay to keep the lights on?

Who the heck is Joe the Plumber - I need a good plumber! of course they are talking about the business tax --- lol ------ that is such a small silver of the tax revenue pie. Most businesses are not corporations and therefore do not pay any taxes (the income of the company is taxed at the individual level).

So ----cut the individual income tax ------ who's going to pay to keep the heat on?

Now the meat of the matter - if you cut the revenue - then you need to cut the spending. LOL the "O" is going to go line-by-line through the federal budget...... LOL ---- he couldn't be office long enough to do it! McCain on the other hand - he freezes spending; and wishes to invest in energy.

Now one thing - you cut govt spending - I couldn't even begin to tell you of the ripple to our economy that would affect the country when all the government suppliers can not sell to the government.!! Oh yeah, the government buys lots and lots of stuff and really is an economy in and of itself.

"O" doesn't tell the real truth about a deficit - the only reason we have debt in this country is because the US govt spends more than it takes in. It is not due to investment - just the "fat" spending.

ZZZZzzzzzzzzz....... to much you said, I said, he said or didn't say...... who's going to pay for the cable?

Back to a good question - reduce energy dependence? Hmmmmm Listen up to McCain. Neither of them can answer the question for the "first term" Hey guys ----- that's the first four years..... Invest in alternative energy - ahhh creat jobs? too long of an outlook - not enough of a quick fix.

Health Care - oh my goodness - this is such a sticky problem and as far as I am concerned - govt mandated health care - sounds like Canada, Denmark, etc....... They don't get it? Health care is a personal choice and a personal responsibility! It's not Gov't job to make sure you have a $10 co-pay instead of a $25 co-pay! We already have a wealthfare system - medicare medicaid for the uninsured. It's not the best - but really, I can't see "O" hanging out under the thruway getting folks into a job that the employer is required by the govt to supply health care.

Education - now this one - hmmm so much spent yet we have low scores on a global basis? Shame on us. Yeah - Math and Science! The "O" says give a tuition credit - lol we all ready have one! (he probably doesn't do his own taxes and his kids are too young!) McCain was strong here. Hey parents - Get home and take care of your children - assist them, inspire them to achieve, show them the light to 'good smarts' as A key to moving forward and being successful in their future life.

I'm glancing over balancing the budget - mostly because neither of them really get it - we need to generate more revenue for the govt to support it's spending. It's what I tell my small business clients - you can cut your expenses to meet your sales - gee when sales are shrinking then so is your business - go out and make it happen - get your attitude up, keep it in a winning way!

Over all----- McCain seemed more on top - Then you gotta love us Independent Voters - we will make this election. Tic toc.... three weeks today - we have a new president - three weeks today I'll be with my St. Louis gang!............... What do you think????


Old Cable Guy said...

Crazy debate...loved it when McCain told Obama that if he wanted to run against Bush that he should of run 4 years ago. Made me laugh! Reminded me of when Qualye got the John Kennedy slap from Benson.

PattyCPA said...

Yeah - what you said - it was a funny line - one of the best for this last one. Now the next three weeks will be stabbing each other and the comedy will end - ouch !