Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Missed It

oh well, they say it is a deep subject. I missed the 1st showing of the presidental debate. Tuned in to see the second showing. ok It was riviting, interesting, generally polite - didn't say much to me either way.

The next morning - comments were that the "boys" played too nice. No real name calling, or jabs. What do the pundits and media think.... is this Monday night wrestling? Anyway - saw part of the Larry King interview of Mrs. Obama. She seems like a bright and intelligent lady. Again, it didn't hold my attention.

Current events say more to what is going on. Who's writing the check to pay for all of this? Govt - guess again. It's you and me. The stock market behaves like a yoyo, gives the media lots of great graphics to show. Yet no one ------ I really mean ----- no one, is accepting responsibility for this mess. Throwing more $$'s on it (especially with an open checkbook) will not, I'll repeat, will not fix it! Put $$'s in the pot, unattended and you invite the crooks and not-so-nice-people to come by and begin the greed cycle. Oh well..... it is a deep subject.

PS who is going to pay for the beer?

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