Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shelby Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Dear Shelby!

So you are now 13 years old - A first official teen year. I remember the day your Dad called from the hospital to let me know that you arrived - and that you were a girl (I told him !) and that you would be named Shelby.

I said - why did you name her after a British sports car? Later it was said that your Mom like the name from a movie she saw. I've seen the movie and it is great. You are as beautiful - I think more so - than the actress called by the same name.

You are such a gem - we all enjoyed your tales of Shelbyville and I especially loved your time with your fairy princess dress that Christmas - You would wear it all the time.

Fast forward and wow you are a tremendous young lady - talented and so funny!

I wish you a Happy Birthday -------- and see you in less than a month!

Aunt Potty

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