Friday, October 10, 2008

Help has arrived

With the move organized - two guys and the truck, assistance in order pre-move and day of move, now my focus comes back to my new home. Bob, the carpenter guy, just left with a list of misc stuff, like the "honey do" list I've heard about. In my life, it's the "me do" list. I've got a stack of little pesky items, threshhold here, fix wallboard there, custom fit a shelf here, open the back of a cabinet and put on a door, the garage shelving system were among the more top of the list items. One bonus in talking about my place, is to install more insulation in the attic. There's about 6inches of the pink stuff up there - so adding another layer up there would be helpful in cutting down in loss of heat/air conditioning. It's a bit bigger project than expected, yet I'll save on the utilities over time - yet it's not very sexy!

So I have my shopping list, a few items to get back to him on. Whoo hooo a few more items of progress. I'm looking forward to having my furniture and art work brought over. Now the task of decorating is in order. Ugh!

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