Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Christmas, in Sept?

Have you been out shopping, just normal kind, trip through your favorite big box hardware store, favorite craft store, even the grocery? Well I did over the weekend, need a bolt etc and found ornaments and artifical trees; found more ornaments; and then candy! oh give me break, we haven't celebrated Columbus day yet! The leaves haven't changed, aren't we pushing the holiday season a bit early?

With a new home, I will have the opportunity to turn out some of my decorations. yet remember I'm still without my furniture in this, my new home. I'll get to make up some, and my good friend, Jules, is so excited to be able to help decorate. I'm kind of looking forward to having her help, her excitement to decorate is contagious.

Any way - it is to dang early to consider the decorations for the December holidays!

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