Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Campaign - 39 days in

It's been great in returns - over 500 members have renewed or joined the Friends of the Lucy Robbins Welles Library. So far we have collected $14,400 or about 70% of the budget and about 53% of my personal goal I've set for myself.

Today I completed an additional appeal letter for those that haven't returned their memberships. If I do say so myself, I'm getting a bit better at writting these letters. I moved to a second page for the first time on the one mailed in September. Having that extra space about 1/3 of a page more allows for a bit more information.

One point of interest - 2008 results are in and my library is 2nd in the State of Connecticut according to the Hennen's American Public Library Rating for a library in our town size. Big Kudos to Marian Amodeo and the Staff at the Library - They are the BEST IN MY BOOK!

The library that is #1 is the Westport library - and our former library director, Maxine is their current library director. That was the director that got me involved in the Friends in the first place! To compare towns, population Us= 29,000 Them=26,000; Per Capita Income Us=$30,545 Them=$75,194 (2002 census) Since I don't have the methodology of the numbers going into Hennen's rating (soon to get my hands on them) then I can not make a real comparison. I'd like to see the top five in our town size - more on this later.

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