Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thank you St. Joseph

Yes it will be moving day once again! My assistant, Paulette reminds me that we did the greatest part of the move on the 1st half. That's probably true. Yet with all that is on my plate, all that needs to be done, and get ready to go away soon!

I'm beginning to plan where the furniture needs to be placed. Once we are closer (after the20th) I can really begin to break down the good ole Woodsedge.

Now think of it - put on the market 8/8/08 - and contract signed 10/02/08 - less than two months. Not bad for a tight market. Thanks St. Joseph.

Oh yes - if you didn't follow - I buried the patron saint of real estate in my back yard and prayed he would bring me a buyer......... that was on a Saturday night and then the Tuesday after that, I recieved the offer! Heck - I should be selling these St. Joseph statues to the Govt - it may help the mortgage and real estate market - maybe even solve some of the bail out? Ok a bit of a tangent there. Back to reality.....

I'm going to be glad to have a couch once again and some of my 'art' work; and not to have to worry about the unit any longer.

Thanks St. Joseph!

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