Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Blanket

I think everyone needs to have a hobby or two. Some activity that they receive enjoyment from. It needs to be an activity that transcends a period in life, or lasts your lifetime. It may be sports, volunteering, computer related, music, art - there are so many to choose from.

One of my many hobbies is fiber arts. My grandma Nat Nat taught me to crochet and to embroider, mom taught me to knit and to sew, grandma Foley let me assist with the treddle sewing machine when I was really little. From there I taught myself to do latch hook rugs, and lately bobbin lace. I was industrious in sewing while growing up through school. Even to the point of designing my own clothes. Desinged suede purses (from left overs of the indian guide projects) that I sold at school to my friends. Thanks for the support - to dad you didn't yell too much when you found another pin with your foot in the rug and mom who was helping put on the last of a hem as I would be going out the door.

When I was cleaning out my cellar many years ago (about 15 yrs) I found my metal box of crochet hooks and some thread from back when I would crochet with my grandmother. Within about an hour, I was crocheting once again. Something like falling off the bicycle - it comes right back.

At that time, I was awaiting the arrival of my second neice/newphew. Thinking back about the blankets that Nat Nat made for everyone, hmmm I'll make a baby blanket for the next arrival. Jessica was born early December, and I had only a few weeks to make a blanket that I wanted to give to her for Christmas. So off to the store to evaluate yarns, hooks, and patterns. By the time the holiday arrived, I finished the blanket. It was really lovely.

So time continues and six more neices and nephews arrive and I continued to make each of them a blanket. Some original, some adaptations and others straight from patterns. What also begins is making the blankets and shawls to give as presents for other folks, making premi-hats for the babies at the hospital, making prayer shawls to give to the ministry at my mom's church. I can carry most of the projects with me, so while waiting, sitting in a car, and any time not being productive, I'm creating.

Once I completed the baby blankets - my first neice didn't receive a blanket. So she had the opportunity to pick out a "big girl" blanket. As she scanned the dozens of books, she would exclaim "you can make this?". So she decided on a blanket and I went to work. It was a long project, 56 different squares with three dimensional flowers. Let's say she still loves it. Then it was Jessica's turn - it didn't take her long to decide. She selected an award winning quilt like blanket. This was truly a challenge. During Camp this summer - I finished it! She was so pleased she took it to WLC in Washington DC! Here they are.


Old Cable Guy said...

Patty, these are life long treasures. I still have mine from nat nat and I know the girls will always enjoy them. Great Job.....BTW where's mine?

PattyCPA said...

ahhhh.... dunno ?? Maybe when I finish the 2nd go-around,(two down and six to go!) I may have some time - Unless I will need to make lace for wedding gowns? Anyway start thinking of what you want :)