Friday, August 21, 2009

......sizzling now

For us up here in New England, wow - summer just arrived and not too late. We have temps in excess of high 80s and the humidity to match.

While this late arrival hasn't affected my air conditioning bill - that's good. It just almost seems like why bother. In the mid-west, the kids are back to school. Our kids here will be back to school in two weeks, and then it is September!

I was looking at the calendar - oh my goodness - September and lots to do like fairs and such and the BIGE, October and the leaves, reunion and Halloween, then November and we begin the holiday season again and slide right into the new year.

Put that all aside .... pour yourself a cool lemonade and enjoy the weather while we have it. Get out and take a walk at dusk - it's generally refreshing. Maybe I'll see you around the neighborhood.

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