Sunday, August 23, 2009

Change is only constant in our lives

Having had a bit of time to relax driving back from the Catskills, it occured to me that a year ago I was in the midst of selling my former home and I had not fully moved into my current home. Driving gives me a chance to reflect and to ponder and organize the future.

Since then my home was sold, I moved again, lots of construction in the new home, was invited to meet the new neighbors party, took care of my brother's kids for a whole week, missed the holidays with my family due to illness, cousins party in Stockbridge, tax season, went to Florida for a few days in February, went to several lace meetings and even went to lace retreat, handled the door at the book sale, began "summer camp" at Aunt Patty's, family shower, wedding, graduations, confirmations and picnic, finished Jessica's blanket and began Shelby's blanket, and even a get away up to the Catskills for a couple of days.

How has your last twelve months been? Take a moment to review your year, you'll find some joy in thinking about those times and experiences that have brought you to today.

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