Monday, August 24, 2009

Tomatos - What to do?

Ok - this year I got out there early - before Memorial day - and planted a heirloom plum variety and a grape variety. I covered them at night when it was a bit too chilly. Watered them as they needed it and then........... mother nature delivered rain, rain and more rain. It's rained ever since up until about two weeks ago. Whatever flowers and leaves were on the plants were washed away.

As I write this, I have just pulled the planter out of it's spot and dumped the vine and put it away for the winter. This is a sad state of tomato affairs. I do remember being in grade school and being able to swipe a ripe tomato out of the garden and take it with me to school. Not this year.

Not all was lost as I did get some fruit. The grape variety put out three, I enjoyed two and a critter came for the third one and the plum plant put out one (can you believe that!) that never ripened and some critter took it!

I must say it is a tough summer for many of us that enjoy the home grown tomato off their own vine. I hope your garden has done better!

ps - just wait till next year - I'm going to come up with some type of comtraption that will keep the floods from taking my tomato plants and probably drive my condo board crazy.

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