Saturday, August 15, 2009

Spencer and the Museum

According to my nephew - this is the greatest museum ever. We spent the day at the CT Science Museum. We met author, Bob Crelin, as he unveiled his new children's book "Faces of the Moon". Of course, if there is a book involved, my nieces and nephews get books, especially if I have the opportunity to have the books personally signed. We got the book, we spoke with the author, even looked through a couple of telescopes, and then Mr. Crelin was kind enough to sign the book to Spencer.

Next it was Dionsaurs at the 3-D movie theatre. It was really good. You could almost imagine the drool dropping into your lap or the tail swish by you. There were a couple of times that I jumped!

We took a quick stroll to see the Dragon Boat Races down on the river front. There was some fierce competition. Unfortunately, we were being kicked out of the Museum and didn't have time to return to see anymore of the Festival. (mark the calendar for next year)

It was off to Level 4, 5, 6 - believe or not, we even missed a couple of exhibits, and we did a few twice. There was sports medicine, racing cars, and it was Space Day at the Museum. We saw a walking space suite that was later doned by a real astronaut. There was "be green exhibit" and it included a movie mc'd by a sheep, and lots of ways to become better at leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Another whole exhibit on the use of wind, water, and biofuels to make our planet a safer place to live. We played in the kids station with all sorts of water games. We raced cars - once Spenc got the hang of it, viola he was leaving me in the dust. Then to the relaxation mind game where two opponents put on a headband that is tied to this table, the one that shows the most relaxation will move the ball the farest. I'm not going to say how that went, but it wasn't any better for me :(

On our way home, we played our car game. I drove him by the Capitol in Hartford as I was telling him that it is my favorite CT building. He brushed me off until he "saw the gold dome"I must say we had a great time today. Dined al fresco once again, and we got to watch Shrek 3 as our movie tonight. I will say, he finished reading the book he brought with him, read the book we brought today, and has another one that we took out from the library. Go Spencer!

It doesn't get better than this - another thankful day :)


Old Cable Guy said...

great couple of days......great blog

if you read's weird that they both sound a little similar. I read yours after I wrote about my day with Chris yesterday.

Denise Foley said...

When we were in Ct., I read the newspaper article promoting the new science museum and told your mom about it. It sounded like an awesome place but it seemed pricey. (ours, here, is free). Anyhow, I am glad to hear it was so good. Lucky Spencer!

PattyCPA said...

I'm now a member and can go and bring someone with me at any time. Membership has it privileges