Friday, August 14, 2009

Day Two

Another great day comes to a close at the best camp going. I need some sleep as he and I were running all day. We spent time in my office, he's earned some bucks for doing the shredding. My ready assistant packed the car with the items I needed for the paint & closet cleanout at the estate I'm handling. Then for our Mystery visit - we picked Noah Webster's home - yes that is our very favorite lexicographer.

Then as I prepared supper, I recommended to my faithful companion that he should take one-half hour to read his book. We dined alfresco on a new recipie of chicken, sausage, & potatoes. Now let me tell you, this boy can eat the potatoes. Though I needed to coax him to have a good helping of salad, and he did without a peep.

One extraordinary event was this a.m. when he awoke and came in to awake me and to see KC. Oh my goodness, he was petting her and she was loving life. This is the biggest break through yet with her.

Spenc refreshed his skills on making lace, finished his own, one-of-a-kind snake bookmark. Cross, Twist, Cross, twist the working pair and close the pin. We had a klondike bar - and got ice cream and chocolate all over us. We closed the night watching a cute movie - Sand Lot 2 and finally turned in with a couple of "thankfuls" to remember the day with.

It Doesn't get much better! Tomorrow - CT Science Museum.

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