Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy August 1st!

Can you believe it - seven months have gone by. We are past the "hump" of the year. Summer is ticking by. Five months left of the first decade of this new millenium. Ten years ago.... we were faced with whether or not all the computers in the world would come to a standstill at the stroke of midnight. Here are some other interesting events that happened.
Money and Finance
The Euro was established which ended the multiple currencies used by countries in Europe. The Dow closes for the first time over 10,000. Bill Gates becomes our first One-hundred billionaire. The ExxonMobil merger is completed making it the largest company on the planet. The Roth IRA is introduced to the US Tax Code. Federal spending was $1,700 billion and the debt was $5,900 billion (hmm?) and you need $17 in 1999 to buy what $1 purchased in 1913.
Entertainment and Sports
Napster debuts it's downloading music service and we all know that it began the lawsuit mania. Turin, Italy gets to host the 2006 Olympics; Lance Armstrong wins his first Tour de France. Tori Murden is first woman to row across the Atlantic in 81 days, Hicham El Guerrouj runs the fastest mile at 3:43.13 in Rome and Prescot and Elson set the endurance record at 233 days plus for a hot air balloon ride.
Technology and Science
Microsoft launches Windows 98, Apple brings the first iBook to the market place, China makes huge restrictions on internet cafes. NASA launches lots of satelites and loses the Mars Orbital. Pluto has scientist wonder about it's orbit. Médecins Sans Frontièrs or Doctors Without Borders receives the Nobel Peace Prize.
World News
Yelstin resigns and Putin steps up; the world population exceeds 6 billion people; the Scottish Parliament is opened by Queen Elizabeth; Nanvut becomes the third territory in Canada; peace agreement is reached in Northern Ireland; Nelson Mandela steps down as the first black president of South Africa; Helen Clark becomes the first elected female Prime Minister in New Zealand; George W. Bush seeks the Republican nomination for President of US.
Personal Notes
My youngest niece and nephew were not born yet; my business had just celebrated its first year of success; my youngest brother was in preparation of moving his family to PA; my volunteer work with the Friends was picking up momentum, and my first cat was alive.

Some thoughts... there were many tradegies during the year, Mother Nature threw her weight around with tornados, avalanches, earthquakes, tsunamis; there were wars waging in many places, specific individuals waged their own wars against society. We lost so many people - my thoughts still go to those that remain. If I missed an event you remember, let me know. There was plenty of stuff going on that didn't make the news. Why don't you take a moment to look back and appreciate those folks that were with you then.... Life is a Journey not the Destination. Enjoy Today - Happy August 1st.

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