Tuesday, June 24, 2008

7th night

wow... time has flown. It will be one week at my new place! It is hard to believe yet parts of me feel like I've been here for a while and yet I feel like a stranger. So what has happened?

Appointments for the Radon and Garage Door have been made; nice to be able to get them on the same day. If I could get an electrician to be available on that day, I'd get the front door light fixed, a few little pesky items like switches that need to be reversed, fans that need wiring to a wall switch and a remote, and another cable drop to the main floor.

The garage is being whittled away a few items at a time. I stage the stuff in the evening, and the next day get them done. Goal is that my the end of the garage door day - I can get my car into the garage for it's first night. whoo hoo!

When the radon system is installed, I should be able to get the other half of the basement in order. Then the boxes will stop haunting me.

Lesley and her sister Patricia came by yesterday. Lesley is such a dear friend, and now lives about 1-1/2 hours away from St. Louis. She was my assistant, I miss her. We hung out and I helped a bit with the tag sale she was having as she and sister needed to clean out their mother's home. I was able to purchase a little microwave, for now, and some dishes. Then I wanted to get this oval side table, yet Lesley wouldn't hear of it and gave it to me. It is now in my bedroom holding up the little tv. It's amazing how it just fits in. I'll have a bit of Lesley with me. I'll be storing some of "mom's" possessions for her daughter Shannon. I'm glad that I can help her out for the time being.

My bedroom is clean up, seems to be in order pretty good. The second bedroom is not even touched. I did fix the hallway bath - shower curtain, towels, bath mat. looks a little better. Yet it is too beige.

For now, it's going good, in another week, I should be out of all boxes!

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TaylorMarie said...

Wow, i wish i could have been there to help unpack (i love all the organizing stuff!!) I'm glad you're all safe and sound in your new cirb, keep me updated on anything new that goes on!