Friday, June 6, 2008

Last time I do that!

Making a move no matter how large or small, means lots of changes to the regular routines of life. If you haven't noticed or not yet admitted to it, yes you have a routine.

Now there will be new routines - the old ways won't be changed - they will fade into history; new ones will be tried on for size, massaged, and lo and behold become old hat in short time.

I've noticed that I find myself saying this will be the last time I do this .... and in the same breath .. hmmm how will it happen in the new place?

Last time - cheers! I won't ....
- have to drive over spring/summer/fall speed bumps
- have to trod in groceries from across the lot in the driving rain, snow, sleet or dark of night.
- have to scrape the snow and ice from my car or answer the bell when it's time to move the cars for the plow truck
- bring laundry to the basement
- unpack a portion of the closet to get out the extra TP
- unpack any of my neatly-too-organized-packed-I-live-in-a-small-place closets!
- repack the closets from light weight clothes to winter clothes
- sweep off my patio from the bits n pieces that fall from the neighbor upstairs
- moving my lace pillows around so that I don't trip over them
- listen to the neighbor upstairs, running, jumping, dropping all sorts of stuff, and assorted bathroom activities at what ever hours
- have to go to UPS central office to get my packages as they are not deliverable here
- worry that my neighbor upstairs water heater will leak
- have my trunk packed with car & picnic stuff as it's the only place for me to keep it - but yes my condo shovel comes in handy at the strangest places
- have to go to the car wash when it needs to be vacuumed
- have to get quarters to do laundry
- miss picking up my neighbors trash left in the foyer
- have to pick up my crochet projects and hide them away so my 'public' space looks picked up
- have to keep bars on all my windows or sleep with them closed

I will miss...
- feeding the squirrels, birds, chipmunks, turkeys, red fox, raccoons, and assorted other wild life that comes to my patio - I'll need to leave forwarding trail of food
- getting to see Nomar - Joe's cat
- seeing Joe in the a.m. and seeing Tom - two great neighbors
- my inside foyer mail box - and post lady Susan, she's the best. I'm trying to see if I can get her back on the Crown Ridge route!
- my two commercial washing machines and dryers
- the common hallway where us neighbors would meet to get the "news" about what was going on in our building
- my neighbors, some who are new and some who have lived here almost as long as I have
- the swimming pool and tennis courts - not really a big deal for me
- the use of the clubhouse to hold my parties
- the plow truck driver - I'll make coffee and fill his mug and then get all my neighbors to come out and move their cars - occasionally a snow ball fight!

I'm happy about the change, a bit nostalgic for the way I enjoyed myself. I really like/liked living here at Woodsedge. So a new day dawns, and like most days for me, a new adventure awaits.

~~~~ To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist - that is all. ~~~~

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