Monday, June 9, 2008

Electronic Gagdit Queen

It was a quite weekend on the move front. I continue to tweek my home to get ready to move. Are items in the best place? Do I have the correct and sufficient supplies? All those pesky questions, make a list, double check, and breathe a sigh that it will all happen without a mess, confusion, yet in an orderly fashion.

So my attention comes to the world of conveniences. Living in a small place - I'm like a queen of how to make it all work in a small and effecient space. Ok - how do I get to the front door without killing myself to get the deliveries or when a client stops by? First I thought of a door bell, need one chime in the basement and one on the third floor. My brother, Mike, says there is a door bell extender - and indeed there is. Simple enough to install myself! Thanks Mike. Yet thats just a play gagdit, what if I could have an intercom at the front door just like I have now? (ok one that works !) Then I could find out who has arrived , not kill myself with the stairs to get to the door in time. The FedEx guy is famous to 'ring' and 'run'. Oh Oh Oh, I can have video too! Now that's getting up to my speed. Safety first, I'm a safety girl.

Yes, while my new place is void of all fashion sense, it also doesn't have all the gagdits that are so near and dear to me. Fancy light switches, automatic timers, alarm systems, UPS systems all over the house.

I'll need alarms on the basement windows and doors, first floor front door. Keyless entry on the garage door, turn down themostat (though a new one was just installed - haven't seen it yet) door bell /intercome/video. Motion sensor lights at the back of the house, new front door light with auto on/off. Phone system, additional UPS systems, water leak dector for the water heater, the obvious smoke detectors and a CO detector. Begin switching the light switches to the flat kind, with dimmers.

Gagdits - I'm soon to become a gagdit queen - Watch Out - This is going to be real fun!

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