Monday, June 9, 2008

Destruction Project - #1 - Office

Time to really begin getting serious as to what has to happen. In the new office area, there are these two half walls that kinda define part of the basement space. Unfortunately it cuts the space down to half of what my office is now. It looks like it will have to go. The furniture won't fit especially taking into account the lovely windows - I just love windows!

So how do I take down these two walls? Yes, they need to be down before the move. My brother, Mike, has the saw, shop vac, flat gizzmos - I have a hammer - LOL. He & I will meet some time during the week to make an exchange on these tools. Now this is to be 'easy' - score the wall where this thing is attached, remove the molding, knock out the wall board and find the studs, discover how it is attached to the wall and to the floor and pry the sucker out of there. I do know that I'll probably not have any carpeting under this thing. Oh well, I'll make it work- I have some left over laminate flooring I may be able to use?

Oh I have a idea brewing? Maybe I'll pull back the carpeting in this area and lay down laminate flooring? I did that in the bedroom closet here, on concrete - not too difficult unless you don't have knee pads! Solve the continous buying of floor mats, staples in the carpet that of course only bare feet can find, dust bunnies that take up residence, and it's really easy as there is only three walls! Stanley is up to it, I have a chop saw and all the bits and pieces from the job last summer.

Ok back on point, I think I still have some wallboard compound in the basement? sand paper - check, paint (put on list along with a piece of the desctructed wall board so it can be matched) get some- brushes - check. I can see it now - Home Depot & Lowes will be my new best friends.

Hmmm - this will be really fun ?

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