Monday, June 2, 2008

Next round of responses

The chimney will be cleaned; the Association has been contacted for the radon and garage door; the motor has been pulled from the 'furnace' and then they will find out the problem with the heat and airconditioning. All in a days work.

Blip in the financing - though by tomorrow it should all be taken care off. 8:15am the lender is coming to me

Condo Doc's - the page showing my unit being declared is missing? LOL this is not the correct information. I called to get some of the information aobut the maintenance - got some, good news about the sewer back up and the corrections made - very happy. The next questions are on the financials - well that will be tomorrow once I see what papers my neighbor has for me to look at. Lots of numbers don't make sense?!@%#$@&#* Dang them accountants!

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