Thursday, June 19, 2008

First Night

So I did stay my first night last night at my new home. Though the boxes are continually calling to me to unpack them. It is tough on the psyche to have most of your possessions in boxes. Glad I don't do it too often. I did three washes last night in my washer / dryer. I'm not sure I like the dryer yet - I can't seem to get the timing correct.

I'm still looking for my wine glasses - I thought we took them with us - now I can't find them! Must remeber to look for them at the old place? I did finally find the linens - the box was in the linen closet LOL! to dang logical. I found my tooth brush and assorted potions. Yet the bath hasn't any storage! I did make my old place pretty nice when it came to storage.

Last night Julie(neighbor) and I began to open the boxes in the office. We started in the corner, vaccumed the bits from the destruction of the wall, washed the desk and assorted furniture since it was all empty. then it was to connect the million cables and assorted wires to get my computer up and running. Got everything completed and working expect the DSL - something wasn't working correctly. The AT&T guy was just here and he said it was okay? Yeah right? So finally after many calls to tech support in the middle of the night and during the day today, by 5pm I get the tech guy here. He assists in clearing up the frequency and the filters. It appears that I can get faster downloads because I'm 500 yds closer!

Any way - it has been a long day - spent an hour at the old place getting more of my stuff - still lots to go and of course there is the cleaning of it yet. Till later....... sweet dreams.

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