Monday, June 16, 2008

Radon & No Deal

It's been a bit hectic here. I saw my last post - it was a sad, confusing, fustrating etc day. The seller's attorney had to stick his nose into the transaction. We then went back and forth. Finally I said that if the seller didn't step up to the plate, the deal was off.

The only issue was that there is poisenous radon gas in my unit. Not really a big deal - it can be remediated for about $1000 +/-, and besides that the seller had already agreed to it. I had the test done since my neighbor Julie has radon in the unit next door. I also went for the hourly reading test - the best one. Their attorney needed to puff-up himself and to justify charging big bucks to my sellers. He wanted to have the unit tested for another 14 days!!!! When I went to do my final walk thru - oh my goodness - the windows in the basement were open! That is almost criminal, no shred of integrity, practally immoral. (Note the space being tested must be closed up for 12-24 hours at a minimum before the test can be started - opps !)

That just pisses me off - pissed off Lee, Agent and Amanda, Paralegal, let alone piss off Michele, Attorney. When I told my team of the open windows - that just killed it for me.

So I told them NO DEAL - my attorney said - hey doppy, she's walking and NO DEAL. Everyone slept on it - they came around and did exactly what I asked them to do two weeks ago.

And yes - I was ready to walk away. If it was meant to be - then it would come around.

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