Friday, June 27, 2008

No injuries - amazing

With all the preparations, making boxes, moving them to and fro, taking down two walls, trash, etc., I haven't injured myself. Patty's school of grace and charm, I can generally can get someplace before my body arrives. It's a brainy thing. It's probably why I can walk around the same furniture in the same places and still bump in to them. A permanent stubbed toe and B&B on my shin!

Now I can tell you the name of several new muscles I've come to know! Many of them continue to check in "loudly" and then quiet down for a few hours. I definitely need a manicure and a pedicure. You'd think I have construction hands. I've been measuring my "steps" taken each day. This home means more walking around and lots and lots of stairs. It's been a little hard of the knees, but that's usual. Yet my activity has increased - a good thing. When the days at the office are long, I really need to push to get the steps in. Next week I get back into my yoga class - I missed it this week due to a client committment. I'm nowgoing to try my new foot massage bath, a gift from Ms Lesley, great girlfriend of mine now living in MO.

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