Monday, June 16, 2008

The CLOSE - Friday the 13th

So it finally became the lucky day. I recieved a phone call around 10am saying that I could close in another hour and to get to my attorney's office ASAP.

Buying real estate means that you must kill a few trees - use a half a gallon of ink,blue - and sign the papers.

The Seller, Cathy came later, with her Agent and Attorney. It was just amazing how rude the Attorney and Agent were. They wished to just ignore me! LOL not on their life - I walked right up - stuck out my hand and with the widest grin - said HI - I'm Patty. My attorney just winked at me :) after all the $$'s were exchanged, then it was good by and I had to do it again.

Now the seller, Cathy is the daughter of the owner (her mom) who passed away very tragically. When I saw the contract, it was Cathy that married my friend, Tom. Tom had lived at Woodsedge and he and I served together on the Association's Board of Directors. Small World

Anyway - I OWN the UNIT! Later that day, after a much needed massage, I met with the locksmith and had the place rekeyed. Wow - it's been the fastest month. I saw the unit on May 14th and closed the deal on June 13th.

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