Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Move.... only a day away

It's been a whirl wind of packing. Actually not bad at all. Mostly rearranging my stuff to be in the proper place in order to pack the boxes.

The movers had brought over 30 boxes and I'm just about through them. I spoke with the movers this a.m. and they will bring more boxes tomorrow.

A neighbor friend, Tom lent a hand and car to assist with the odd ball items on Sunday. We packed a few boxes and bags and brought them over to the new place. Then brought the boxes back and reloaded them. Repeated this about three times. Lots of stuff is gone - still lots to go.

The office is finally becoming empty - what a difference. It does need a paint job!

Cable guys are coming tomorrow 1-3 and the phone guys coming 12-4; electric is on and so is the gas. I'm just remembering - I need lamps of some type LOL!! I should find a few at goodwill.

okay - the office is officially closed till tomorrow night! Finish packing up the stuff here, wall needs to come down, and a few more misc items.

PS - down 4lbs in the last 2 days! Yahoo - this is going to be a great new year!

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TaylorMarie said...

cable guys!?!?!?! why didn't you call my daddy at Showmecables.com!! haha!