Thursday, June 12, 2008

Less than 24 hours to go!

It still continues - the new garage door isn't installed yet; don't know if the chimney is cleaned; don't know if the radon is remediated yet; though the heating and airconditioning has been corrected for now.

3Pm is the walkthru -

Mike came by with the saw, bar, and vac - LOL the vac is seat belted into my back seat!

The locksmiths are on board! The new locks/keys - to be completed tomorrow.

Big check is in my purse.

New insurance binder has arrived.

Stanley will begin his workout tomorrow - the next few days will be interesteing; Saturday is the my award ceremony so not much will be happening till late afternoon; Sunday is packing my place; Monday & Tues - work days, Wednesday is the Move! Yahoo

it's going to fall into place

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