Sunday, July 20, 2008

It looks great

Wow - what a lovely place - so nice - maybe I shouldn't have moved?

I painted again today - the ceiling again and finished the wall. I was a lucky duck in that I had Julie help me. We started at 9am and with a short break for lunch, we returned back to the Crown veing very successful. She began to clean, I painted, and then we both cleaned. It didn't take too long - and voila. The office is now back to a bedroom, new shades, curtains up, woodwork washed and furniture placed. The two aero beds I borrowed - made both bedrooms look great!

Then So off to the store again to get some curtain rods, curtain for the silder, assorted stuff. A little more fussing - need to meet with the stager again. Then maybe I can get it sold.

When I left today - I felt a bit overwhelmed. A sense of sadness, that place was where so many chapters of my life ocurred. I'll feel a bit better here when I can take the balance of my stuff back to my new place. It's a change, change is very good. In time I'll write a little travel log through those chapters.

Sweet dreams

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