Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to my brother Mike. He finished his 51st year today. Leaving him happy bday voice mail was unsatisfying yet it had to do for today.

Shame on me for not getting a bday card ready in advance. I'm slipping on my organizing. I'll get to see him on Friday afternoon when he deposits his third child, Savannah, for her "aunt patty" sleep over.

His 51 years has been full of adventure. He was the first boy in the family (I've three younger brothers) so he was a first to do Indian Guides, Cub Scouts, Boys Scouts, Soccer at high school, summer musicals, playing guitar (?? don't know if he still continued) and do I remember the trumpet? Mike was the kid that went to the dairy with Dad and brought home the milk and a cat!

He took off to the SeeBees on a tour getting out just before the Faulkin incident. I was thankful for that. Yet the Navy offered him a trade - now a master electrician - and a chance to see some of the world. The hot spot of Gitmo, and the cold and dark of Iceland were the notable ones I remember. I still wear a gauze dress he brought back from one of the islands and the red plaid wool icelandic blanket has travel with me just about everywhere I could drive.

Back to stateside he worked in many related electrical fields, and ran his own company doing electrical contracting. Besides outfitting my home with great light switches (now I have to do it again) and timers and such, he came up at my parents request to install a security system in my condo after I was robbed for the second time.

He then married and he and his wife have four lovely children, Jordan, Spencer, Savannah, and Seamus.

This little quip barely scratches the surface of what his 51years have been. Yet.... Happy Birthday Mike.......... may you have another 51 more!

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