Monday, July 21, 2008


Ok - have I've heard it again and again. 'Just plug in the camera into the laptop and the computer will know what to do',,,,,,,,, so I find the cable, software disks (jic), instruction book and assorted stuff. I plug in the cable to the camera and to the laptop ....... voila... it found the hardward, started my adobe photoshop software and pulled up the pictures off the camera. This was way too easy!!!

so here is a few of my place at Woodsedge.
To the left, is my lovely dining room. I served quite a few nice meals here for friends and family.

Once dinner is served and enjoyed, then we can retire to the living room
Behind the screens at the end of the room is the TV and stero equipment. The baskets contain current crochet projects and the yarn on the table is a prayer shawl I have since finished for a girlfriend of mine who is undergoing chemo now.
Now I will get more batteries and start taking some pictures of my new and former residence.
Stay tuned for more pictures!

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