Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A day with Savannah

I was so blessed to have Ms Savannah stay with me for the day. We enjoyed each other and lots of laughs.

It was a day with some chores, she assisted in 'organizing' some of my yarns because they were messy, had breakfast, I did a bit of work and then we went off for errands. She was great, we made a list of things to do, (a bit of security control ) and began. We had lunch at Steve's, her a grilled cheese and me one of Steve's great half grinders. Next highlight was a trip to our Library. We played computer games and picked out books it was great.

We then continued some errands and finally went to pick out plants for the garden we worked on the day before. Planted red petunas for the main garden and Savannah picked out a perernial to plant in my garden so I would have a plant to remind me of her all the time. She then went next door because she wanted to break the surprise for Ms Julie and show her the garden. Ms. Julie had put in some cerimanic garden animals the night before and that tickled Savannah. She really seem to get caught up in the 'doing a nice thing for someone'.

After a dinner and a walk, we had a real treat! Watermellon on the front stoop with Ms. Julie. What a true joy to have this opportunity to spend with my niece. While it ended earlier, events I could not change, her Dad came to get her to take her back home.

I'm looking forward to having her visit again.

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